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Available on Kindle Vella

“I’m thoroughly enjoying ‘The Last Storyteller,’ my first venture into Kindle Vella. It’s an intriguing glimpse into a near future where everything relies on IT, including people’s thoughts, especially when their minds can be ‘augmented.’ Who needs to make up a story when a computer will do it for you? (Think predictive text.) But Juneberry, even though she’s young, is intrigued by the old way, and Rima, an author of actual paper books years ago, is loath to accept the new ways. Add to this a mysterious illness that’s cruelly threatening the lives of older people, and Kalman has trapped me in her storytelling web. Just as with her novels, the prose is wonderfully expressive: ‘Now, floating on a tide of pharmaceuticals, her mind dances with a scrap of memory.'” READ THE REVIEW ON AMAZON