The price is right, right?

When I first published Dance of Souls and offered it for $7.00 on the Kindle, my husband–who is an expert on publishing and pricing, among other things, but whom I had not consulted prior to setting the price–was horrified.

“You can’t charge $7.00!!! People won’t buy it! I have this argument with my clients all the time. You should charge $6.99.”

One of the factors behind my decision to go with the even dollar amount was a listener perspective I had heard a few weeks earlier on our local NPR station by Nitin Deo, who made a convincing argument that consumers have smartened up over the years and a .99 price ending is not fooling anyone these days–at least at a conscious level.

I also know that more is at play in purchase decisions than conscious thought and rational choice. So perhaps I am limiting my sales by making the price point $7.00 instead of $6.99.

I thought it would be interesting to get opinions from readers and potential readers. Of course, this will represent only the conscious part of your brain. Who knows what your subconscious might be planning to do without your knowing it? But go ahead and take the poll at the top of this post and let me know what your conscious mind thinks.

Tell me what you really think...

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