“Enter to Win”

After weeks of feeling as if I’ve been spinning my wheels in the publicity department, I’m starting to get a little traction.

© Paweł Szpytma | Dreamstime.com

I had joined Goodreads several months ago, in a tentative kind of way. I added Dance of Souls (so it would be there!) as well as some books I’ve enjoyed reading. This morning I discovered Goodreads’ Author Accounts. Further, I discovered that it’s easy to set up a book giveaway, which I’ve just done. If you’d like a free copy of Dance of Souls, you can check it out and enter to win. This may help in my quest for reviews, since it’s suggested (though not required) that recipients of the free book write a review.

I also joined a Ning group, Bookblogs. I’m less sure about this, since many of the members and bloggers seem to lean toward the young adult, paranormal, and romance genres. It also seems a bit on the self-promotional side; for example, as soon as I joined I received “welcome” e-mails from several members saying hello and offering links to their book web sites and blogs. But I guess that’s the way it works–you mention my book in your blog and I’ll mention yours.

Needless to say, all this has been a bit of a distraction from the novel currently underway. If only there were a contest for working writers whose prize would be a fully realized set of characters and a compelling plot.

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