My Top Ten Top Ten

CountdownA top ten list satisfies on so many levels. It offers a shortcut: Discover what your favorite critics thought was worth seeing or reading—and use that as a starting point for your own moviegoing or book purchasing. It fulfills our need to fit in: Quickly review what everyone else is clicking on, reading, or viewing—and be ready for that cocktail party conversation.

But the world has enough top ten lists. So rather than add to the chaos, I offer instead a Top Ten List of Top Ten Lists.

Here, in no particular order, are ten lists I have stumbled across painstakingly researched, highlighting many of the random diverse topics that interest me. There’s something here for readers, writers, movie buffs, techies, and foodies. The rest of you… well, what else is there?

For writers

  1. Jane Friedman’s favorite digital tools – I’ve subscribed to Jane’s blog for several years. She offers trenchant observations and her guest bloggers offer insights for writers of all stripes, but especially self- and independently published types. Her collection of digital tools is helpful to writers or anyone who works digitally.
  2. Write to Done Top 10 Blog contest – I’m not sure how I stumbled across this, but this writing site is having a contest to come up with the Top 10 writing blogs. Timing alert: the deadline for submitting your favorite is December 24, so get over there right away if you want to nominate. Or come back later to see the results.

For geeks, techies, and science buffs

  1. MakeUseOf – I never thought of myself as particularly geeky but I must harbor some inner geekiness. I really like this site. Every day they offer five, ten, or more tech articles in plain English with a how-to bent. In the spirit of the season, they also have a best-of list.
  2. Science MagazineMiraculous things have been going on in space and in the labs.
  3. Nature – I couldn’t resist this one. Who doesn’t like a cute animal? And these picks from Nature offer more than your average cat video.
  1. Google searches reveal trends – In the best tradition of watching us watching ourselves, Google lists the top trends of 2014 based on trillions of Google searches.

For readers and moviegoers

  1. Maureen Corrigan’s top twelve books – In the great tradition of getting all my news from NPR (as my kids are constantly teasing me I do), I like to listen to NPR book reviewer Maureen Corrigan. She bucks the top-ten trend this year by putting forth twelve favorite titles.
  2. Metacritic’s best movies for 2014 – This may be getting a little too meta. Not only does Metacritic list the best movies of 2014 according to critics, it offers links to 95 individual critics’ top ten list. Helpful or overwhelming? You decide.
  3. Goodreads readers’ choice awards: Best nonfiction of 2014 – What do other readers of non-fiction recommend? 134,872 have spoken at Goodreads.
  4. Alltop site aggregation – Alltop is like a list of lists; they gather the top stories from a collection of online sites like the New York Times, Techcrunch, and Lifehacker, and put them all together for you.

Bonus – for foodies

  1. Food Curated – I stumbled across this blog/video site in my search for top tens. It doesn’t have a top ten per se, but here’s a link to the blog roll. And the videos are worth checking out, too, like the one below on a small yogurt company.

Personal writing news

Fault Zone Cover 51) The fifth edition of the Fault Zone anthology, Diverge, has just been published by Sand Hill Review Press. It’s edited by yours truly and contains some great stories, essays, and poems by local bay area writers. It makes a great holiday gift!

2) I just created a book landing page for Dance of Souls using Booklaunch, which I discovered through a Webinar hosted by another favorite blogger, Joel Friedlander (a.k.a. The Book Designer). Booklaunch is a pretty slick and easy to use tool. I’ll definitely be enlisting it in 2015 to promote my next novel. Check out the page here.

Your top ten?

What floated to the top of your list in 2014? Books, movies, food–I’d love to hear.

12 thoughts on “My Top Ten Top Ten

Add yours

  1. Great idea! I loved the science ones – the blood thing gives a whole new twist to vampires. I always look for the book lists even though they’re all different – especially ones like the 100 books to read in a lifetime and then I can dream of reading them all.


    1. Oh, yes the reading list. I have been cleaning out my bookshelves and coming across many books that I purchased and intended to read, but didn’t. I have my whole 2015 reading list stacked up already!


  2. Very cool take on the top ten list. 🙂 Congrats on the fifth edition of the anthology being published! Hope you had a great holiday season. 🙂


  3. This is great. I’ve gone from know-nothing to resource person in five minutes. Cool! Best top ten blog I’ve read. Just knowing square-eyed marmocets exist broadens my horizons. Will check out Fault Zone.


  4. I’d like to say I went straight to the science lists, but I clicked to the book lists first (and then I checked out the science one–where can I get me some of that young blood…). So many books I haven’t read. Oy. I just finished “We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves” by Karen Joy Fowler. Don’t like the title, but I loved the book. One of my favs of the last year in terms of literary fiction. As far as thrillers, I dove into the Preston & Child series this year and am loving it.

    Your book page looks beautiful. And lo and behold I found my little head there, too. Thanks for including my blurb. 🙂

    Happy Holidays, Audrey!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. In putting this together, tried hard not to feel overwhelmed by all the books I haven’t read. And now that Goodreads does a “Your year in books,” one can see just how far behind one has fallen…

      I will check out Karen Joy Fowler’s book. I do like the title, which perhaps is indicative of why my publisher is gently guiding me away from my suggestions for titling my forthcoming novel 🙂

      Happy holidays to you and yours.


      1. “I do like the title, which perhaps is indicative of why my publisher is gently guiding me away from my suggestions for titling my forthcoming novel”—Hahaha!

        I’m the wrong person to criticize a title. Not my forte, either. 🙂


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