Photo challenge: feeling the love in nature

2011 Snow in Lake Tahoe


Five more photos and 149 words follow.

The Dipsea Trail at Dusk
2012 The Dipsea Trail at Dusk
2013 -Redwoods in Mill Valley
2013 Redwoods in Mill Valley
2014 - Morning Moon in the Back Yard (San Mateo)
2014 Morning Moon in the Back Yard (San Mateo)
2015 - Beach in Santa Cruz
2015 Beach in Santa Cruz
2016-02-02 Rain in San Mateo
2016 Rain Returns to San Mateo

This is in response to the Weekly Photo Challenge. I have never participated before, but have admired those who do, including Susie Lindau and J.B. Whitmore.

My thinking brain has been feeling uninspired. Sifting through six years of photos and remembering times when I have been immersed in the natural world fed my imagination.

I know that nature cares not a whit for us humans and if she did would probably feel only contempt, but contemplating natural beauty summons an emotion that might be labeled love.

Where do you feel love?

Feeling the love from Sixfold

My short story “Before There Was a Benjamin,” the fifth-place winner of the recent Sixfold contest, just appeared in the Fiction Winter 2015 issue.

16 thoughts on “Photo challenge: feeling the love in nature

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  1. What gorgeous shots… For some reason those young redwoods speak to me the most. I felt like getting lost in that forest when I looked at them.

    Thank you for sharing! 🙂


  2. I’m so glad you joined us! I don’t always participate, but I try. It always brings new faces to the Wild Ride.
    I’m reading Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere which makes me rethink everything. Maybe you’re right. She should be pretty pissed at us for mucking up the planet. Oopsy.
    Thanks for the linkage and shout!


  3. Oh no, blog friend! Nature loves us all right. All of it, the digging up and rearranging, messing with our genes, spraying things with poisons, the Drumpfs and Drumpf fans, nuclear weapons, transplanting uteri (uteruses??), all of it — is part of what nature gave us. We are the James Deans of the natural world, hell bent for leather, and we might just crash and burn. So have several other versions of human throughout ancient history. It would be better though if we would grow up instead, and give Nature her due respect. She does, know better.

    OK, so I had a glass of wine, and am typing tipsy. Forgive me.

    Gorgeous photos, and welcome to the photo challenge!


    1. I suppose my bleak side was coming out. I wrestle with this question all the time. Of course, WE are also of nature, so to create a divide between the two is like creating a divide between head and heart (something else I have a problem with). And, come to think of it, these divisions are what gets us in trouble with Nature in the first place. If we saw ourselves as part of the whole or the one, perhaps we would be able to summon a little more reverence and respect.


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