5 things you never wanted to know about me

Working on marketing for “What Remains Unsaid” after attending two births in three days for my day job as a birth doula. (Okay, day AND night job.)
The five things

I’ll make this quick, because I’m kinda fried.

  1. I snore, which I would be doing in the photo above if it weren’t an awkwardly posed selfie.
  2. I dislike emptying the dishwasher but try to turn it into an exercise in mindfulness, which works only sometimes.
  3. I get cranky when I’m tired.
  4. I love weeding my garden. Unlike when I’m emptying the dishwasher, I am able to be fully present with my hands in the dirt.
  5. I’m a morning person, except after I’ve been up all night.

Two things I’d like you to know
  1. What Remains Unsaid releases for Kindle on May 15. That’s this coming Monday.
  2. I had a fabulous time last week at the second Sonoma County Writers Camp. I blogged about the first camp last August. More about the most recent camp in a future post.
Two actions to take
  1. Between now and Monday, I’m raffling off a signed proof of What Remains Unsaid. ENTER THE RAFFLE NOW.
  2. When you join my email list, you’ll get one my not-yet-published short story The Boy in The Window, about a woman’s obsession with a young boy she glimpses through a window. JOIN NOW. (Raffle entrants are automatically entered.)

If the tone of this post is different from my usual more reserved voice, blame a lack of sleep. This makes sense, since recent studies show that sleep deprivation produces the same effects as being drunk. Don’t worry. I’m glued to my desk for the next few days.

Have you ever gotten less sleep than you know is good for you?










6 thoughts on “5 things you never wanted to know about me

Add yours

  1. I’m terrible without sleep. I can function on 6 hours, but when it gets below that, I’m a snarling, volatile mess. Hugs. I love cleaning the bathroom but I dislike dusting.


  2. Hahah – I can relate to the sleep deprivation! I’m glad you’re getting some sleep in somehow. The marketing stuff is such a pain. Hanging in there!


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