Leave your garret and come to my party

Nighttime on the road. Photo credit: Harrison Kalman

Being a writer can be hard sometimes. All alone in your garret, scribbling away. Not to mention the often depressing news about how hard it is to make a living in this business.

That’s why I’m having a party. I can’t take credit for this idea. Over the years, I’ve so enjoyed the drop-and-hop events hosted on Susie Lindau’s Wild Ride blog that I decided to steal her idea. (Thank you, Susie!)

Your invitation

Here’s how it works:

  • If you’re a published author, comment below with a link to your book’s marketing page, whether on your web site or an online retailer. Try to be succinct. Hook us with a few sentences.
  • If you’re an aspiring author with a blog, comment with a link to a post that makes you proud. Brevity will serve you well, too.
  • If you’re a humble reader (we love you!), comment with a link to your favorite summer reading material so far—book, article, someone else’s blog, etc.

Note that all the bullet points above mention ONE LINK. I’ll steal another idea from Susie: one link only please, or you’re disqualified!

I hope we’ll end up with a rollicking party and lots of new ideas for reading material. Invite your friends!

Resources on mental health

At the back of What Remains Unsaid I included a short discussion on mental illness/mental health issues with statistics and resources. If you’ve read the book, you know that mental illness plays a role in the lives of many of the characters. I’ve now added a resources page to my web site so readers can easily navigate to some of the many sources of support and information available online. You can find them here.

The summer of free books continues

Don’t forget to enter my Goodreads giveaway for one of five signed copies of What Remains Unsaid. (U.S. only, through August 8.)

In person

If you’re in the San Francisco Bay area, I hope you can come to the reading by local authors at The Main Gallery in Redwood City on July 26. I’ll be there reading from What Remains Unsaid.











24 thoughts on “Leave your garret and come to my party

Add yours

  1. I would never comment on my book, The Berkeley Girl in Paris, 1968, not right now, not while I’m on vacation! Nor on my upcoming sequel, The Berkeley Girl: Rendezvous in London, and other stories of the 60s, to be published by Sand Hill Review Press in the fall 2017! No! Not now, while I am in Napa, winetasting in sitting by the pool! So you’ll just have to look at my website if you are interested: elisefrancessmiller.com/

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  2. This is cool. What a really great idea! And I’m so glad to be invited.
    So I guess I put it here? My book, Gift of Chance came out last November. It’s world-building fantasy but without a lot of magic. A story about people whose problems are somewhat unique to the world I’ve invented, but also very human. A story about a thinking man in a world of swords and sailing ships where honor and altruism still have some use. And it turns out I have no idea how to make this a functioning link: http://carollouisewilde.com

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