Astronomical diversions will eclipse you

If you were expecting information about Monday’s solar eclipse, you will be partially disappointed. I won’t be in the path of totality so I can’t give you 100 percent. You’ll have to settle for 76.

Unfortunately for science geeks and eclipse-chasers, the trivial has eclipsed the awe-inspiring.

I refer to recent and continuing political events. I won’t spend time on those here, except to say that their sound and fury* have grown so loud and distracting that the total eclipse of the sun merits only small mentions. Will things be different on Monday the 21st? I worry what a person who concocts outlandish diversions to distract from slightly less outlandish diversions might plan if he fears being eclipsed by something astronomical.

Here in the San Francisco bay area, we can expect about 76 percent coverage for Monday’s total solar eclipse. I’ve got my eclipse glasses ready.

I wish we had glasses to protect us from the hot mess we seem to be in at the moment. Rose-colored? Nah. We wore those for too long. 3-D? Maybe then we could see the depth and richness of the real world. X-ray? Not sure I want to see the bones behind the pretty skin.

Where will you be on Monday?

Want to think more about the eclipse and less about earthly goings-on? Here are some sites and activities to check out.

Be wary of the sources that pop up when you search YouTube for eclipse information. You’ll find a lot of end-of-the-world predictions mixed in with instructions for how to create a DIY viewer. But if you missed getting free eclipse glasses from your library then the latter will prove useful. I ran around earlier this week and was lucky enough to nab a pair.

Ready for the eclipse. It’s hard to take a selfie when you can’t see.

*I couldn’t help but hear an echo of the lines from Macbeth in a certain recent comment from a certain politician about fire and fury.

Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player
That struts and frets his hour upon the stage
And then is heard no more: it is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing.









10 thoughts on “Astronomical diversions will eclipse you

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  1. Hi Audrey … I’m over from Susie’s. Eclipse Day was interesting for us as we returned to Cincinnati after 3 weeks in Europe. … but the eclipse was 90% here … and definitely a strange scene.


      1. While looking forward (not up) at the peak, they was a gray cast … but not like dusk, but a very unique look. The path of totality on an eclipse in the near future comes close to us (maybe an hour dive). Woo hoo!!!!


  2. We only had a 72% eclipse here near NYC but it was still a fun event. And a much needed reminder that we can come together in harmony, joy, and humility. Hope you had a good time too!


    1. 72% probably was similar to our 76%–a weird darkening for the half hour or so before and after, and a very cool view through the eclipse glasses. I was working at home and so I had a solitary eclipse experience, stepping out onto my back deck, but it was amazing to think of all the other people around the U.S. looking up that morning. We sure do need more harmony, joy, and humility these days.

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