Make your voice heard in a noisy world

I’ve been thinking about voices a lot lately, maybe because there are so many of them in the world, speaking so loudly and all at once, and only occasionally saying anything worth hearing.

The singer who sings with someone else’s lungs
Voices for the voiceless
Speaking with your knee
A voice recently fallen silent

Voices of the disenfranchised
Tweets of the rich and powerful (not who you think)
The voice in your house
The tender voices that live inside us, aching to be born

Here’s a little self-promotion related to that last one. If you’re a writer in Northern California and you want to develop a powerful internal ally for your writing process, sign up soon for the workshop I’m leading with Jennifer Browdy at Book Passage in Corte Madera on October 21.

Some voices make me weep.
Some enrage.
Some voices tickle.
Some soothe to sleep.
Some voices I strain to hear.
Some drown me out.
Raise your voice with mine.
We’ll conquer fear.


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