Continuing in ode mode

The excellent dystopian episodic series Black Mirror explores the dark underbelly of technology, especially of the social webs we weave.

For longer than most, displaying my Luddite late-adopter tendencies, I used my cell phone only for phone-ly things: making calls. Even after getting a smart phone, I didn’t do much more than text. Eventually, I began checking email and using maps for navigation. Finally, I added Twitter to the mix (though not Facebook). When a 2018 study revealed that people check their phones 52 times a day, I felt smugly superior. (Of course, I do spend much of my day at my computer, checking email, browsing the web, and popping on and off social media.)

Yet until last week, I had watched only a handful of videos on my phone, and had never done a video call. Even with my kids.

All that has changed. My son and I chatted earlier this week. And a few days ago, I was  scrolling through Instagram when I came across a video from Ned Buskirk, of YGTD. In other times—what I now should get used to calling normal times—I would have scrolled right past. Instead, I watched it. And a peculiar thing happened. I was moved to tears. It might have been Ned, who is genuine and vulnerable in a way few people can be, at least in public. But it’s also that these not-normal times have changed my relationship with the technology I resisted for so long.

Now that we can’t leave our homes for the in-person gatherings that keep us connected and sane. I’m beginning to think these little mirrors are going to save us all.

Ode to our screens

You are flat and you are glaring

inert and cold and never caring.

But you contain both kin and friend

A portal through which now we send

shout and murmur, whisper, plea:

Won’t you keep me company?

And from your depths arises comfort

A smile, or such, to soothe the hurt.

When this all ends, as end it must,

Will screens retain our grudging trust?

For now, I welcome what you give

Not ideal, but it’s a way to live.

Things we can do on our screens to keep ourselves sane

Watch livestreams of nature and animals

Buy books from a local bookstore

Use video conferencing to connect with friends and colleagues

Do yoga at home

Go on MeetUp and browse for events that are moving online

Watch movies we missed

Listen to Mozart

What are you doing these days to stay calm and stay connected? Let me know in the comments.



7 thoughts on “Continuing in ode mode

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  1. My yoga studio had to close for the time being, and the owner has been trying to hold live classes via Zoom. I’ve taken three of them so far and this is when I’m most grateful for technology. Although I could practice on my own, the studio I go to has a wonderful community spirit, very generous and loving and funny (I think the studio owner requires that each of her instructors to have a sense of humor). It’s been helping me feel more balanced in this surreal world. Social media is such a mixed bag. Twitter and Facebook make it very difficult to separate the good from the bad, and so I have to limit my time on those. Today I used FaceTime to converse with a friend who lives 3,000 miles away. Technology can definitely help us feel less isolated, at least those of us who have access to it, but we have to use it wisely. I feel like I’m always having to stay one step ahead of the app engineers 😉


    1. “Mixed bag” sums it up perfectly! I’ve spent more time in online meetings/classes/gatherings this week than probably in the last year. But it has felt like a lifesaver. I’m glad you’re having virtual gatherings with your real-life yoga community.

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  2. Although I check in on my blog and bloggy friends regularly, it is nowhere near 52 times a day like the phone users in the survey. I cannot imagine. I’m not against connecting via screens, but in moderation. And with purpose. Even in our confused times. Wow.


    1. Moderation often seems in short supply! But lest we forget, some of the companies that make the apps we use have created them in such a way as to addict us–which explains a lot.


      1. Yes, I realize that. I must be immune to their pull, but I see other people with their faces glued to their screens. Oh well, to each her own. Stay safe, be well.


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