What’s to celebrate?

There seems little to celebrate these days, and far too few ways to do so even if you have the inclination. Besides, the only kinds of parties you can have are those that happen outdoors, at a distance, or on a video conferencing app.

So I thought it might be time for a blog party. I last hosted one a little more than three years ago. I have fellow blogger Susie Lindau to thank for introducing me to the blog party concept; she’s hosted some legendary ones. And the inspiration for this one came from a fellow writer who recently returned to blogging.

There seems little to celebrate these days and too few ways to do it. So it’s time for a #blogparty! #bloggingcommunity #writingcommunity #writerslift

How-to and party etiquette

A party without rules can be fun but also potentially destructive. So, there are a few simple rules for this party:

  • Share a link to a post on your blog you would like to highlight. Pick a particular post, not your blog in general.
  • Return here over the next few days to check out the posts others have shared. Not doing so is like coming to the party, eating a big plate of shrimp cocktail, and leaving without speaking to anyone.
  • Leave a comment, follow the blog, or follow the blogger on social media. This isn’t required, but one purpose of a blog party is to expand your community. I’ve discovered some of my favorite bloggers this way.
  • BONUS: Share the party on social media to get even more people to stop by.

Get your party on below in the comments!

Birth Your Truest Story Update – The first session of Birth Your Truest Story happens on Sunday! If you’ve been watching this space, you know that Jennifer Browdy and I originally conceived of it (pun intended) as a workshop series requiring a nine-month commitment. Times being what they are, we realized we could better serve the writing community with a less intensive structure. We re-imagined the series as a monthly workshop/support group and lowered the price to $149/month, which includes a monthly group meeting plus “office hours” between sessions. We’d love to have you join us starting on Sunday, September 13. But if you miss the September date, you can start with the second session on October 11… or even after the “first trimester” ends (an element of choice you don’t get in pregnancy). 


Illustration: Pierre-Auguste Renoir – Luncheon of the Boating Party [PUBLIC DOMAIN]

15 thoughts on “What’s to celebrate?

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  1. Glad to join the party! Here’s a blog post from almost a year ago that seems so very relevant now, as the fires sweep through the West Coast and the hurricanes boil up in the Atlantic.

    This post launched an active Facebook group too, so I will put both links out on offer, please join the group if you’re listening to Gaia’s call and want to practice what Joanna Macy calls “active hope” in response!



    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks for joining! That post, sadly, sounds as if it could have been written today, “at this time of war and wildfires, political tumult and typhoons.” This is the world we now inhabit, and it’s up to us to decide how we will be in it.

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    2. Hi Martha, just commented back on your home blog. Thank you for sharing this, and for always being a source of comfort! Also, nice to see you at the party punch bowl. And that’s a good question, why would anyone “throw” a party? These days I guess it’s because you can’t stand too close so you have to throw it farther away??


    3. Thank you for sharing this, Jennifer. I’ve heard so much about you from Audrey. It’s nice to finally sort of meet you at this party, which I am finally getting back to. (I said I would help clean up.) It was a small party, but with great minds!


      1. Me too, Lisa, I’ve been hearing about you for years now! Maybe the three of us should have our own little party one of these days–a virtual happy hour would be fun!

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