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Available August 8, 2018

Jody catalogues her parental failures as she worries whether her ballet-crazed teen daughter will make it onto the stage. C.J. adopts his dead grandmother’s dog, risking eviction but opening himself to the possibility of love. Brianna uses a spoonful of pudding as a weapon. Judy begins a secret life as an erotica writer. Jake’s Bar Mitvah preparations reveal tensions that threaten to split his family.

The women, men, children, dogs, and cats in these stories fight their worst impulses, circle each other warily, and occasionally connect. They struggle to make sense of the world and their place in it, with results sometimes tragic, sometimes funny, and always relatable.

This collection of short fiction from novelist Audrey Kalman opens a door on ordinary worlds turned extraordinary, where deeper meaning hides beneath everyday conversations and the possibility of tragedy—and redemption—is always close at hand.

From the Foreword Review

“There is suffering somewhere in everyone’s story. Audrey Kalman’s Tiny Shoes Dancing is an exploration of the quiet simplicity that characterizes so much of our modern pain, shared in a series of vignettes touching on a range of human tragedy. Under Kalman’s careful pen, oddly familiar characters, all of whom it’s easy to feel like you’ve stood behind in line somewhere, become studies of the internal wounds we all carry as we attempt to live lives in relationship… While not easy on the nervous system, the collection does strike an intangible, universal chord. The duet of “Bad Luck with Cats” and “Dosed,” about a woman’s sudden death and her son dealing with the aftermath, beautifully illuminates the strain of existential exhaustion. “Before There Was a Benjamin” also stands out, offering a near-magical ending for the relatable weary mother at its center.”

— JESSIE HORNESS (July/August 2018)