In a placid California suburb, a mother ends up at the wrong end of her son’s Colt .45.

Sean has taken Ginny hostage in her own kitchen. “I don’t want to hurt you,” he says. “I want you to listen for once.”

While Ginny squirms in the ladderback chair, wrists chafing against the rope, lunch spoiling on the counter, Sean chronicles the thousand ways he has suffered and demands answers from his mother. Ginny watches him pace. After thirty years of missed connections, how have they arrived here?

Finally, coaxed by fear and desperation, she shares the secret at the center of their family. But will her revelation come too late?

What Remains Unsaid is about the stories we can’t imagine behind the faces we think we know—and how sometimes even the promise of forgiveness may fail to save the ones we love.


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