Sculptor Amy Freeman wakes one ordinary morning to find her 14-year-old son Zach gone, the only evidence of him a flake floating in the milky water of his cereal bowl.

Seven years later, in the same California town, a middle-school science teacher referred to by everyone except his girlfriend Roxana as “Mr. Candine,” suddenly finds God—a discovery that sets him on a collision course with Amy and lands him in the middle of a lawsuit.

Bracketed by two shattering events, Dance of Souls careens between the divine and the secular.

This serio-comic novel examines the longing we share to find meaning in our lives and what happens in the aftermath of those personal cataclysms that either change us forever or barely disturb the surface of our oblivion.


Praise for Dance of Souls

“A beautifully written book… culminating in a page-turning climax.” —Carrie Rubin, author of The Seneca Scourge

“Kalman is a mature and accomplished writer, who knows how to dig deep and get into the psyches of the most bizarre characters.” —Elise Frances Miller, author of A Time to Cast Away Stones

“A terrific work of literary fiction… the ending was completely satisfying.” —Kourtney Heintz, author of The Six Train to Wisconsin

“Delivers a punch at the end… skillfully pulling together the threads of a mystery that has haunted Amy, Zach and the book’s other inhabitants.” —Max Tomlinson, author of Sendero, Who Sings to the Dead, and Lethal Dispatch