Screen diversions: no reading required

Are you excited to wake up every morning and hear the news? Do you believe all is right with the world, everything is on track, and we are all one big happy family? [Rhetorical questions.] As an antidote, I thought I'd share some entertainment. No politics, musing about the world of book publishing, or existential... Continue Reading →

Don’t be a Hallo-weenie*

Come now—just because your kids are grown doesn't mean you have to be a curmudgeon about Halloween. There will be plenty of little ones trooping by. You can ooh and ahh over the pirates and dragons and corrupt them with sugar. *Sorry, I couldn't resist. Hats off to my dad, who loved puns. Read and... Continue Reading →

Astronomical diversions will eclipse you

If you were expecting information about Monday's solar eclipse, you will be partially disappointed. I won't be in the path of totality so I can't give you 100 percent. You'll have to settle for 76. Unfortunately for science geeks and eclipse-chasers, the trivial has eclipsed the awe-inspiring. I refer to recent and continuing political events.... Continue Reading →

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