How to write a novel

Certainly, this is more difficult than writing an essay. You will envy those youthful writers who not only did it in their twenties (or earlier) but got published—and famous. To keep from becoming too discouraged, you’ll have to look for writing icons who didn't blossom until later in life. Now that the envy is under... Continue Reading →

Not entitled to be untitled

Score: Title = 0, Me = 0. No winners here yet. For the last few weeks, I’ve been wrestling with the title of my soon-to-be-published novel. (Although wrestling may be too genteel a word. It’s more like street fighting.) Writers should spend a lot of time wrestling with this because a title, like a cover,... Continue Reading →

I am going to gratify you instantly

First, I’m going to dance a jig. My story, Before There Was a Benjamin, placed fifth (out of 387) in the November 2015 Sixfold competition. This is the fourth time I’ve entered Sixfold, and it yielded the best results so far. (See my previous thoughts about the competition.) Previous rankings 2013 - 170 of 282... Continue Reading →

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