Three little words

One of the perks of growing older is that there are fewer things—like going to school—that you can be forced to do. The power of these three little words to strike terror in your heart recedes with age: Still, I find myself with a certain nostalgia for the promise of a new school year. I... Continue Reading →

The price is right, right?

When I first published Dance of Souls and offered it for $7.00 on the Kindle, my husband--who is an expert on publishing and pricing, among other things, but whom I had not consulted prior to setting the price--was horrified. "You can't charge $7.00!!! People won't buy it! I have this argument with my clients all the... Continue Reading →

Writing daily: update

Well, it has only been two days... but so far, I have fulfilled my commitment to write first every day. The hard part is that I am a non-linear writer. Some writers are plot-driven; they map every scene from beginning to end and fill in the blanks. Nice work if you can get it. I,... Continue Reading →

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