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Dance of Souls (Kindle, $2.99)
What Remains Unsaid (Kindle, $4.99)

Foreign Bodies – The Disappointed Housewife
Ten Signposts to Guide the Artistic Life – Nonfiction, Enthralled Magazine
Five Habits to Keep Your Writing Fresh – Nonfiction, DIYMFA
How Writing Short Fiction Can Enhance Your Novel (and Your Career) Nonfiction, Live Write Thrive
The Bureau of Lost EarringsPithead Chapel Larry Brown Short Story Contest Short List
Before There Was a BenjaminSixfold Competition
Put the Sweater on the DogSand Hill Review 2015
Skyping With the Rabbi  The Jewish Literary Journal
Tiny Shoes Dancing Sand Hill Review 2013
Now You Are a Public Nuisance Every Day Fiction
Bad Luck With CatsEvery Day Fiction
Forget Me, Forget Me Not  Punchnel’s

out loud

Back After a Break to Discuss the Decline of Civilization Bound Off (Podcast; starts at 5:01)
Mistress Mine Hear the first five minutes via SoundCloud

on paper

Dance of Souls (Amazon, $13.99 list)
What Remains Unsaid (Amazon, $18.93 list)
“Hot” Fault Zone: Over the Edge
“Mistress Mine” Fault Zone: Stepping Up to the Edge


Pudding – Mash Stories Competition
The Appointed Time and Place – Mash Stories Competition
So She Says – Mash Stories Competition
If Only You Weren’t So – Mash Stories Competition