Marketing is eating my lunch

Once upon a time, writers wrote, marketers marketed, and readers read. Alas, I missed out on the days when authors primarily paid attention to their craft and the art of storytelling. Now the line between content producers and content promoters has blurred, if not disappeared. The idea of what it means to be an “author”... Continue Reading →

Are you tweeting into the void?

In 2014, I wrote about how I became a reluctant bride of Twitter. These days, I spend the bulk of my social media time on Twitter. Social media mavens like Karma Bennett (coming to the CWC-SF/Peninsula Branch in November for a workshop) may scold me for focusing on a single platform, but so be it.... Continue Reading →

Reluctant bride of Twitter falls in love

I joined Twitter in June, 2009. Naturally, husband was the first person I followed.   When I began blogging in 2011, I automatically tweeted my blog posts (thank you, WordPress) because that’s what authors do, the way girls used to get married whether or not they really understood why. Between the time I joined and... Continue Reading →

Three little words

One of the perks of growing older is that there are fewer things—like going to school—that you can be forced to do. The power of these three little words to strike terror in your heart recedes with age: Still, I find myself with a certain nostalgia for the promise of a new school year. I... Continue Reading →

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