Warm and fuzzy

This former New England gal has lost her toughness. A 35-degree northern California morning with frost on the windshield has me shivering. But at least I can get some warm fuzzies from having been chosen to participate in the "Blog of the Year" Award by the inimitable Carrie Rubin. According to the award rules (see... Continue Reading →

Saved by “The Next Big Thing”

Surprise, gratitude, and relief came to visit when I saw that Kourtney Heintz had tagged me to participate in The Next Big Thing. I've been working on a blog post for several days that hasn't come together yet. How much less stressful to answer a set of structured questions about my work-in-progress and pass the... Continue Reading →

Just a link in your chain?*

I'm trying, I'm really trying, to make this whole blogging/social media thing work for me. Here are two social media occurrences of the past week: Kourtney Heintz bestowed on me an ABC (Awesome Blog Content) award. (Thank you! and you should check out her blog.) I joined the "Author Karma by Novel Publicity" Facebook Group... Continue Reading →

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