Your pain is my gain

Who doesn’t love statistics? Okay, maybe not everyone. But statistics can be exciting when they have immediate relevance, like the stats Word Press and other blogging tools offer. Thanks to those, I discovered that the search term people used most often to find my blog in the past year has been the phrase "pain assessment... Continue Reading →

My Big Fat Platform Mistake

The title of this post came to me last weekend. At the Fault Zone reading at Florey's Books, I was discussing the topic of an author's "platform" with a fellow author who told me you can only change the name of your Facebook page if the page has fewer than 100 Likes. Oh no, I... Continue Reading →

Just a link in your chain?*

I'm trying, I'm really trying, to make this whole blogging/social media thing work for me. Here are two social media occurrences of the past week: Kourtney Heintz bestowed on me an ABC (Awesome Blog Content) award. (Thank you! and you should check out her blog.) I joined the "Author Karma by Novel Publicity" Facebook Group... Continue Reading →

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