Marketing is eating my lunch

Once upon a time, writers wrote, marketers marketed, and readers read. Alas, I missed out on the days when authors primarily paid attention to their craft and the art of storytelling. Now the line between content producers and content promoters has blurred, if not disappeared. The idea of what it means to be an “author”... Continue Reading →

Book review: “Enchanted Objects”

I don't usually post book reviews, but I just finished reading Enchanted Objects, by David Rose, which I undertook as research for my speculative fiction work-in-progress. The book jacket copy describes Rose as “an award-winning entrepreneur and instructor at the MIT Media Lab, specializing in how digital information interfaces with the physical environment.” My brain... Continue Reading →

Cold turkey

The night before Thanksgiving, I pounded out a blog entry that I held off on posting. I was pretty ticked when I wrote it and I've discovered it's best not to share what you write (or say) in a moment of heat (I'm working on the keeping my mouth shut part). Now that most of... Continue Reading →

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