How to write a novel

Certainly, this is more difficult than writing an essay. You will envy those youthful writers who not only did it in their twenties (or earlier) but got published—and famous. To keep from becoming too discouraged, you’ll have to look for writing icons who didn't blossom until later in life. Now that the envy is under... Continue Reading →

Doling out death

Here's another reason fiction writing can be so difficult: Often, as a character develops, you realize that flaws, conditions, or some other thing you thought was integral to the character's personality just doesn't make sense, and you have to kill it off. This is not the same as killing off the character, which I don't... Continue Reading →

Why I don’t write mysteries

As you'll recall from English class---or, as they like to call it now, at least until high school, "Language Arts" class---fiction has two major elements: character and plot (yes, style and point-of-view matter also, but today I'm talking about the two biggies). My major shortcoming as a writer, which also could be thought of as... Continue Reading →

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