Welcome to Funbruary

"I am a cat, and my life is non-stop fun." On order this month: more laughter People often tell me I'm too serious. I often think they're right. So, as part of my year of discovery, I'm going to devote the month of February to having fun. The concept of fun means something very different... Continue Reading →

Saved by “The Next Big Thing”

Surprise, gratitude, and relief came to visit when I saw that Kourtney Heintz had tagged me to participate in The Next Big Thing. I've been working on a blog post for several days that hasn't come together yet. How much less stressful to answer a set of structured questions about my work-in-progress and pass the... Continue Reading →

Stumbling into the furniture

After 41 years,* I finally have confirmation that the process I use to write long-form fiction works. Despite my penchant for order and control in other areas of my life, I have always been an intuitive and freewheeling fiction writer. I once described to my mother the process of writing a novel as feeling my... Continue Reading →

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