You Can Help Choose My Next Story

I finally participated in NaNoWriMo, although technically it was NaSSWriMo, because I worked on short stories. My challenge, however, is to choose what to work on from the mound of material I've generated. So I’m asking for your help to prioritize. Just read through the brief synopses in the form at the bottom of the post, and cast your vote!

Red pens and true selves

Humbled and irritated by the experience of receiving my publisher’s feedback on my novel, I dove (swooped? wallowed? waded? tiptoed?) into the revision process. No matter how many years I have spent being edited—and knowing that editing is good for me and my work—I still struggle with the fundamental question: when does editing legitimately improve... Continue Reading →

Editing is like toilet cleaning

I have been working hard to finish another editing pass so I can share my manuscript with beta readers at the end of the month. As I work, the commonalities between editing a manuscript and scrubbing the crapper become ever more obvious. You put it off until you can no longer tolerate the stench. To... Continue Reading →

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