Midwifing stories

mid·wife - verb (used with object) 3. to assist in the birth of (a baby). 4. to produce or aid in producing (something new) I've gotten some nice compliments over the last year for my fiction editing. People seem to appreciate thoughtful, constructive feedback that respects the essence of their voice and their message. And... Continue Reading →

Sympathy for the Devil

I once heard it was a good idea for everyone to have a job as a waiter or waitress at some point in their lives. (I believe the correct word these days would be "server.”) The idea is that we’ll all be restaurant customers and turning the tables on the situation---so to speak---will give us... Continue Reading →

Editing is like toilet cleaning

I have been working hard to finish another editing pass so I can share my manuscript with beta readers at the end of the month. As I work, the commonalities between editing a manuscript and scrubbing the crapper become ever more obvious. You put it off until you can no longer tolerate the stench. To... Continue Reading →

[Stopped here today]

Those three words are my cue. Each day when I finish writing, I type them in brackets wherever I have left off writing. The next morning, I search for [stopped here today] and go instantly to where I need to begin. (I also use [edit from here] so I know which sections need a going-over... Continue Reading →

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