My life in 28 pounds

I traffic in words, and yet words sometimes seem wholly inadequate to convey an experience. Yet I owe it to myself to try. I recently returned from my third journey to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. I made the trek in 2008 and again in 2012. This time was different. This time, no mules carried my supplies. Instead, I carried a backpack containing 28 pounds of everything I would need for four days and three nights. This time, no Phantom Ranch cabin awaited at the bottom. This time, I journeyed into a more remote part of the Canyon. This time, I had a guide.

Birthing beauty (#BOAW2018)

One Woman Giving birth, all women become One Woman.   There will be blood. There may be tears. There will be fear, and also wonder.   This particular woman sweats trembles, grunts, vomits. I offer a cool cloth for her forehead best if dipped in a bowl of ice water so cold my fingers ache.... Continue Reading →

Three beauties and a redefinition

Thanks to August McLaughlin for hosting her Third Annual “Beauty of a Woman” Blogfest, which prompted this post. Visit her blog starting February 27 to read all the entries. The Beauty of the Known It has always seemed to me that people I care about are more attractive to me than strangers. Looking for confirmation... Continue Reading →

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