Ghosts of Christmases Past

1 I am 12 years old. In our non-practicing Jewish household, Christmas morning means an assortment of gifts on the fireplace hearth (though no tree). I come down through the cold house to see what "Santa" has brought, though I will wait until my parents are awake to open them. This year, there's a spiral-bound... Continue Reading →

The Nihilist on Vacation – Part II

On the cusp of returning home, the Nihilist finds herself wrung dry, cocooned as she has been for twelve days with her immediate family in a passing imitation of filial harmony. Escaping routine for a couple of weeks is like a drug—a numbing, demotivating drug. Oh, right. That's why people go on vacation. Now, as... Continue Reading →

2013: A year of selfieshness

In November, the Oxford English Dictionary named selfie its Word of the Year for 2013. While trying to forget the word’s ickiness (it brings to mind the worst self references—self help, self esteem, self important—along with horrible diminutives like nightie and girlie), I began thinking about what might constitute the writerly equivalent of “a photograph... Continue Reading →

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