Am I D(r)ead Yet?

How I visualize Dread If you have followed this blog for a while, you know I've written a lot about mortality, finding purpose in life, and the intersection of those with art. I also find engaging in written dialogue to be a fruitful way to explore difficult topics. I'm back to share an interesting challenge... Continue Reading →

My top 12 for 2017

Everywhere you turn this time of year you find a top this-or-that list: books, movies, political disasters. I wasn't thinking about lists or the new year when I sat down a few days ago for my morning writing session. What emerged was a contemplation, in the form of a list, of why I pursue the... Continue Reading →

500 reasons* to get out of bed

*Actually, more like five-ish. That headline is unabashed click-bait. Maybe readers will supply the other 495-ish. Before we get started, why is having reasons to get out of bed important? Because having a purpose keeps you young. And who doesn't want that? Barbara Bradley Hagerty, in a recent KQED Forum interview about her new book,... Continue Reading →

Gardening Into the Apocalypse

Readers often ask fiction writers the tiresome question: “Which part of your story is true?” The correct answer is: “The whole thing.” After all, if a story doesn't express a Greater Truth, why bother telling it? That said, I understand the urge to parse a story for “facts.” Coming from a journalism background, I’m sensitive... Continue Reading →

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