À la recherche du temps perdu*

Last month, I answered some questions about my writing, one of which was “Why do I write what I do?” My answer focused on the "what." In the weeks since, I’ve realized there’s a deeper reason for the "why." Back in the days when photography required developing, a chemical fixative would stop the development of... Continue Reading →

Watch it and weep

Do you wear a watch? I do. Not a fancy one, and not a digital one. Just a good old-fashioned Ecclessi analog watch my husband gave me quite a few years ago for my birthday. (Come to think of it, the first gift he ever gave me was a watch. Hmmm… can we read something... Continue Reading →

Dread and the married girl

You may want to head to another blog today if you’re in the mood for feel-good inspiration. What I offer here is a contemplation of existential angst, also referred to as existential anxiety or dread. I do promise some relief if you read---or skip---to the end of the post. One of the most distressing characteristics... Continue Reading →

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