The Nihilist on Vacation – Part 1

Dead in 70 years anyway. So reads the Instagram tagline of someone I know well, like a self-referential epitaph. This person is a teenager every bit as tormented, apparently, as I was at his age. The difference is that today the world can know your torment, which is not confined between the cardboard covers of... Continue Reading →

Gardening Into the Apocalypse

Readers often ask fiction writers the tiresome question: “Which part of your story is true?” The correct answer is: “The whole thing.” After all, if a story doesn't express a Greater Truth, why bother telling it? That said, I understand the urge to parse a story for “facts.” Coming from a journalism background, I’m sensitive... Continue Reading →

A canard to die for, and a recipe

Three somewhat related facts launched me into an examination of morality, belief, and Thanksgiving stuffing: As I write this, a three-pound duck browns in the oven. My son recently pasted a PETA sticker on his backpack, but he eats burgers. I consider myself a sensitive person, yet I blind myself to the suffering of my... Continue Reading →

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