Screen diversions: no reading required

Are you excited to wake up every morning and hear the news? Do you believe all is right with the world, everything is on track, and we are all one big happy family? [Rhetorical questions.] As an antidote, I thought I'd share some entertainment. No politics, musing about the world of book publishing, or existential... Continue Reading →

Doggy essence hinders novel’s progress

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Nature trumps nurture. [Insert cliche of your choice here.] You get the idea: it’s difficult if not impossible to change your beliefs, attitudes, temperament, essence, and—most significantly—your actions. That doesn’t stop humans from trying. Billions go into self-help and self-improvement every year. Many of these dollars produce... Continue Reading →

Stacked—or, the reader’s dilemma

No, I don't mean that kind of stacked. (Perhaps you have grown accustomed to following the The Write Transition and now expect all writing blogs to effortlessly---and humorously---combine discussion of bodily functions and body parts with writing wisdom.) I'm talking about a stack that rises on the nightstand to a ridiculous height. Okay, maybe we... Continue Reading →

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