Are you tweeting into the void?

In 2014, I wrote about how I became a reluctant bride of Twitter. These days, I spend the bulk of my social media time on Twitter. Social media mavens like Karma Bennett (coming to the CWC-SF/Peninsula Branch in November for a workshop) may scold me for focusing on a single platform, but so be it.... Continue Reading →

Where do your stories live?

As a Mother’s Day gift this year, I asked my family not for a thing but for an experience. “Let’s get together once a week and read a book aloud.” With much grumbling—and some one-upsmanship involving my 16-year-old proving how much more mature he is than his 13-year-old brother by being more agreeable—the three men... Continue Reading →

Just a link in your chain?*

I'm trying, I'm really trying, to make this whole blogging/social media thing work for me. Here are two social media occurrences of the past week: Kourtney Heintz bestowed on me an ABC (Awesome Blog Content) award. (Thank you! and you should check out her blog.) I joined the "Author Karma by Novel Publicity" Facebook Group... Continue Reading →

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