The water’s fine but we are not

On vacation, my mind inevitably turns to dark topics, as my posts from last summer prove ("The Nihilist on Vacation" parts one and two). This summer, I sit contemplating the sparkle of the pool. There is nothing quite like the color of swimming pool water. Ridiculous, since water has no color. But somehow this does,... Continue Reading →

The Nihilist on Vacation – Part II

On the cusp of returning home, the Nihilist finds herself wrung dry, cocooned as she has been for twelve days with her immediate family in a passing imitation of filial harmony. Escaping routine for a couple of weeks is like a drug—a numbing, demotivating drug. Oh, right. That's why people go on vacation. Now, as... Continue Reading →

The Nihilist on Vacation – Part 1

Dead in 70 years anyway. So reads the Instagram tagline of someone I know well, like a self-referential epitaph. This person is a teenager every bit as tormented, apparently, as I was at his age. The difference is that today the world can know your torment, which is not confined between the cardboard covers of... Continue Reading →

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