Friend or foe or friendly foe?

It occurred to me this morning as I read through the several writing blogs I follow that many of the people writing these blogs are, technically, my competitors. What, you say? Your dear writer friends, who prop you up when you're feeling down, leave comments of encouragement, and generally are the only ones rooting for... Continue Reading →


Fragmented. That's how I have felt this week---pulled in a thousand directions (all right, I exaggerate slightly), rushing from one activity to the next, answering e-mails and phone calls, trying to stay in control of my own agenda. It's not a very fruitful state of mind for writing. It makes me nostalgic for my long-ago... Continue Reading →

While vacuuming

One of my most enduring insights into creativity came many years ago during a research methods course in graduate school at the S. I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University. By now I have forgotten the exact content of the course, although given the era it must have involved going to the library... Continue Reading →

Zen writing

It's hard to clear the space in your brain to write when there are a thousand other things you ought to (you think) be doing. I have gotten much better in the rest of my life at focusing only on the task I am doing at this particular moment and leaving the rest outside my... Continue Reading →

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