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Countdown to launch, with bookends

Tiny Shoes Dancing officially launches on August 8. You can mesmerize yourself by staring at the countdown widget in the sidebar to the right. But this post is about the countdown to an altogether different launch happening less than a week after the book launch: I'll be dropping Son #2 off at college. The second... Continue Reading →

Marketing is eating my lunch

Once upon a time, writers wrote, marketers marketed, and readers read. Alas, I missed out on the days when authors primarily paid attention to their craft and the art of storytelling. Now the line between content producers and content promoters has blurred, if not disappeared. The idea of what it means to be an “author”... Continue Reading →

Birthing beauty (#BOAW2018)

One Woman Giving birth, all women become One Woman.   There will be blood. There may be tears. There will be fear, and also wonder.   This particular woman sweats trembles, grunts, vomits. I offer a cool cloth for her forehead best if dipped in a bowl of ice water so cold my fingers ache.... Continue Reading →

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