5 thoughts on “The semi-secret download page

  1. The first time I read your email I somehow missed the link to your chapters. But now I have read Chapter 1 of “What Remains Unsaid.” It’s a frightening duet between mother and son, one no mother would ever imagine happening to her. I like your writing, especially the way you use dialog to reveal so much. You know how to move a storyline along. I don’t know if you are seeking a critique–I don’t know how close you are to publication–and forgive me for the following remark, but here it is: I would like to see the son’s long speeches (both spoken and unspoken) to be broken. In your desire to give information I believe you have included too many at once. Again, you are a fabulous writer and if I have misinterpreted how to respond here, simply delete it. Cheers!


    • Thanks for your response! It’s a bit too late for critique-type feedback since the book is about to be published. However, I always appreciate reader comments, and I know that not everybody will like the style I’ve chosen. That’s what makes it so hard to take the leap to put one’s work into the world.


      • Don’t get me wrong, Audrey; I love the style you have chosen. I feel it’s colorful and descriptive, and the scene moves along interestingly. I was knit-picking when the time for knit-picking had passed. Very good luck on the next stage of publication. (As a personal aside to you because I want to share the info with another writer–yesterday I finished the first draft of the book I have been working on! Now to the next step…)


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