The semi-secret download page

Welcome to my semi-secret download page.

Thank you so much for parting with your email address. I will protect it. And you can unsubscribe from my mailing list at any time. Now, on to the goodies! (all PDFs)

Tiny Shoes Dancing” (title story from the collection Tiny Shoes Dancing)

The Boy in the Window” (short story appearing in the collection Tiny Shoes Dancing)

Research links for my novel in progress

Writer’s Block(busting)

The Moth Story “Who Do You Think You Are?

The first chapter of “What Remains Unsaid

The award-winning essay “Do Not Remove Lid

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  1. The first time I read your email I somehow missed the link to your chapters. But now I have read Chapter 1 of “What Remains Unsaid.” It’s a frightening duet between mother and son, one no mother would ever imagine happening to her. I like your writing, especially the way you use dialog to reveal so much. You know how to move a storyline along. I don’t know if you are seeking a critique–I don’t know how close you are to publication–and forgive me for the following remark, but here it is: I would like to see the son’s long speeches (both spoken and unspoken) to be broken. In your desire to give information I believe you have included too many at once. Again, you are a fabulous writer and if I have misinterpreted how to respond here, simply delete it. Cheers!


    1. Thanks for your response! It’s a bit too late for critique-type feedback since the book is about to be published. However, I always appreciate reader comments, and I know that not everybody will like the style I’ve chosen. That’s what makes it so hard to take the leap to put one’s work into the world.


      1. Don’t get me wrong, Audrey; I love the style you have chosen. I feel it’s colorful and descriptive, and the scene moves along interestingly. I was knit-picking when the time for knit-picking had passed. Very good luck on the next stage of publication. (As a personal aside to you because I want to share the info with another writer–yesterday I finished the first draft of the book I have been working on! Now to the next step…)


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