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The Birth Your Truest Story Book of Prompts
12 writing prompts to spark your creativity.

Writer’s Block(busting)
Notes from my presentation about how to deal with writer’s block.

Research links for The Last Storyteller.

The Pinterest board for The Last Storyteller.


The Echo” (not yet published)
A down-on-his-luck musician navigates the streets of L.A. Can a little girl bring him back from the brink?

Tiny Shoes Dancing” (title story from the collection Tiny Shoes Dancing)
A mother obsesses over her ballet-crazed teenage daughter, with disastrous consequences.

The Boy in the Window” (short story appearing in the collection Tiny Shoes Dancing)
A nanny develops an unusual attachment to the young boy she’s been hired to watch. Is she a stalker… or something worse?

The Moth Story “Who Do You Think You Are?
An reflection on dealing with anxiety.

The first chapter of “What Remains Unsaid
High tension in an ordinary suburban kitchen.

The award-winning essay “Do Not Remove Lid
How to cook your kids to perfection (metaphorically).

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