Hear what’s in store for the first “trimester” of this nine-month workshop series.

In 2016, my lifelong friend Jennifer Browdy and I conceived of a workshop that used birth as a metaphor for the writing process. And so our three-hour offering, combining her expertise as a memoir teacher and insights from my work as a birth doula and writer, was born. We taught it at Book Passage in Corte Madera, California, when such things were done in person. We reprised the workshop virtually for Shuffle Collective’s Weekend of Words. The response was so positive that we decided to expand it into a nine-month online offering.

Times being what they are, we realized we could better serve the writing community with a less intensive structure. We re-imagined the workshop series as a monthly workshop/support group and lowered the price to $149/month, which includes a monthly group session plus “office hours” between sessions. Our current workshop is full, but if you’re interested in other workshop offerings, please see Jennifer’s website

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